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Covid-19 Policy



We at The Veterinary Relief Company want to ensure the safety of our veterinary relief members who are still active during this time.  For all contracts made through us, here are our updated terms and conditions:


*ANY withheld information regarding possible hospital working exposure to Covid-19, and/or working conditions that are not compliant with government safety regulations will automatically void any refund potential.  This means that if a relief member is hired for your hospital and finds that there is reasonable exposure risk that has not been discussed openly BEFORE your hired worker shows up to fulfill their contractual duties, they are entitled to cancel the contract and will receive payment in full regardless of whether they complete the working day(s).


Reasonable exposure risk includes: hospital employees who are working and showing signs of illness.  Hospitals who have had known Covid-19 positive employees, irregardless of whether those employees are currently working.  Also, hospitals that allow employees with known Covid-19 exposure, but are asymptomatic, to continue working.


The VRC is a company which promotes and supports open communication.  When soliciting members for hire, please discuss and make known the working conditions PRIOR to booking.  To protect your refund potential ensure that these discussions are in writing under your private messaging log within your user dashboard.


We are currently opening to all 50 U.S. states in hopes of keeping relief needs safe and available.  ALL other terms and conditions still apply. 

For further information please feel free to email or call us 7 days/week 12pm and 3pm EST: 





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