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How It Works



As a Hospital

  1. Register for your membership and complete your hospital’s community profile.  There is no cost for membership.
  2. Set your profile to “Active”
  3. Browse the profile pages of Ohio-based Relief Veterinarians and Technicians.
  4. Request a specific DVM/RVT for the dates you need, by clicking that member's SEND MESSAGE button. Send a private message to provide general details of your request (i.e: small/large animal DVM wanted to help…)
  5. The Relief Team Member has 3 days to respond to your request before it is expired. If your needs are urgent, submit a STAT request.
  6. If the Relief Team Member responds that he/she is available/interested, both parties then communicate the terms for temporary employment (dates, pay, etc) via private messaging.
  7. Once the details are established, use the GENERATE CONTRACT button to form an electronic contract.
  8. Once the relief worker approves the contract, your hospital then proceeds to the checkout section to confirm the date.
  9. Easily keep track of your hospital’s relief expenses which allows you to generate the appropriate annual tax forms

The Checkout Process:

* Once both parties have electronically signed the contracts, the hiring hospital MUST complete the checkout process in order to confirm your booking and secure your Relief Team Member for the job.


* A DVM/RVT is NOT required to fulfill any working date(s) which have not been confirmed via the checkout process PRIOR to the dates requested.  Negotiations are only confirmed and the contract is binding once the checkout process has been completed.



What you pay:

  1. Booking fee for using our community services. ($110.00 for DVM,   $85.00 for Technicians)
  2. Overtime fee.  This is added to the booking charges and is paid to the DVM/Tech if they work more than 30 minutes over their contracted time  ($150.0 for DVM,   $75.0 Tech)
  3. Payment Processing fee (3.0% for credit cards)
  4. The amount expected to be paid to the Relief Team Member once the job has been completed.



Animal Hospital (you) needs a relief veterinarian for one 8-hour day.  Animal Hospital then requests DVM of choice who replies that he/she is available to work the requested date.  Both parties agree to $500 set fee (or calculate the sum of the negotiated hourly rate  8 hours x 65/hr = 520$). 

Both parties sign electronic contract and hospital proceeds to checkout.


At checkout:


$500 (Contract Amount)

+ $260.0  (Booking and Overtime fee)

+ $22.80  (3%  Stripe Payment Processor Fee)

Total: $782.80

This amount goes into a secure holding account until the job is completed.  If the Overtime fee is not to be paid to the contracting member, it will be refunded to the hiring hospital once the contract has been completed and all surveys are submitted.


Once the Job is completed:

Parties must return to their user dashboard and submit the contract survey.   Completion of the survey notifies Admin to release payment to the contracting veterinarian or technician. Disputes must be made within 3 business days of completion/cancellation by emailing:  Refunds@TheVeterinaryReliefCompany.com   







As a Doctor/Technician

  1. Register for your free membership and complete your personal profile (similar to a Facebook page). 
  2. Set your profile to “Active” in order to appear available to browsing hospitals.
  3. When a hospital requests your services you will be notified either by email or text message (your choice).
  4. You have 3 days to respond to a request before it is expired. 
  5. If you would like to accept the job, respond via private messaging to the hospital.
  6.  Communicate terms of your agreement: dates, pay, etc).
  7. Once the details are established, move forward by accepting the generated contract which allows the hospital to proceed to checkout.


The hospital must then complete the checkout section in order to confirm your contract.  The checkout process places your payment into escrow which guarantees you fast, reliable payment once the job has been completed.


Once the job is completed:

Both parties have 3 business days to return to the website to verify completion so that the funds can be released to you

DVMs and TECHNICIANs MUST verify completion in order for funds to be released to you.  

You are paid in full minus the booking fee and processing fees.



Relief Team Member agrees to work 1 day for requesting Animal Hospital for a flat rate (or hourly.  Your choice!) of $500.

Once the job has been VERIFIED as completed you are paid electronically or by mail via ACH Bill Pay the entire amount minus the booking fee and payment processing fees (booking/processing fee paid by requesting hospital).

* You are responsible for your own tax liability as an independent contractor. 

* Our system makes it easy for you to track and record your income for tax purposes.




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